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Foster's practice is predominately mixed media installation; the artist is currently working on a series of digital images and installations that explore our physical relationships to digital tech.

Immaterial and material processes are essential to creating this sensory experience that offers a reflection on the human condition.


Her previous work has looked at a tension between what we know  to be reality and what we want to perceive. Investigating the extent to which our internal worlds are reflected in our external environments. 

Group Exhibitions:

         Apr 2016, SU, Uniqube - Avant-Garde

         Jun 2016 , SU,  -Foundation Year Degree Show

        Nov 2016, SU, Cadman Studios - Progress Review

  Jan 2017, SU, Cadman Studios- Dispatches

         Feb - Mar 2017, SU, Cadman Studios - Standpoint

       Apr 2017, SU , Flaxman Foyer - Contingent

 Feb 2018 - CLAYHEAD, Stoke-On-Trent- Sense of Worth

 Apr 2018- Airspace Gallery, Stoke-On-Trent- Equivocal


      Jun 2016 - The Distant Past Returned w/ A.Griffin

Feb -Mar 2017 - Standpoint - w./ N. Anslow, K. Rolph and D. Sweetmore

 Apr 2017 - Untitled Horizon w/ A.Griffin

Feb 2018 - Sense of Worth w/ F. Hepden.

June - Sept 2018 - N18 Artist Programme- Great Exhibition of the North, Newcastle.


Feb 2018  -  Residency 'Sense of Worth' - CLAYHEAD , Stoke-On-Trent. Supported by Ceramic City Stories.



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